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a centre of the Reformation while numerous religious refugees from the Italian lands settled here, among them notable theologians like Camillo Renato, Bernardino Ochino, and Girolamo Zanchi. German : Cläven or, kleven ) is a comune (municipality) in the, province of Sondrio in the, italian region. Citation needed Demographic evolution edit Notable people edit References edit a b c Chisholm, Hugh,. Hai ricevuto un invito per una chat a due. Nevertheless, Chiavenna was conquered by the Leagues's forces during the War of the League of Cambrai, when they allied with the Swiss Confederacy defeating the French troops of King Louis XII at the 1513 Battle of Novara. Contents, geography edit, chiavenna is located about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north. Citation needed When the East Frankish king Otto I married the dowager queen Adelaide of Italy in October 951 and campaigned against King Berengar II, he assigned the Val Bregaglia and the control over Septimer Pass to the Bishopric of Chur, while the Bishops. Citation needed After the fall of Napoleon, from 1815 to 1859 Chiavenna and the whole of Lombardy and Veneto went to the House of Habsburg, who always wanted control of the pass from Austria to Milan to link the Habsburg families. Citation needed In Roman times Clavenna, conquered in 16 BC by the troops of Emperor Augustus during his Alpine campaigns, temporarily was a town of the Raetia et Vindelicia province, though actually located on the Italian ( Cisalpine Gaul ) side of the Alpine crest. Per maggiore completezza Ti invitiamo infine a prendere visione del documento al link seguente che descrive linformativa sul trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi dellart.

Two years later, the forces of the Chur bishops advanced across the Alpine crest into the Val Bregaglia and by 1194, Chiavenna was incorporated into the Upper Raetian territories of the Duchy of Swabia. Temporarily lost during the Bündner Wirren in 162039 during the Thirty Years' War, the Three Leagues' rule over Chiavenna actually lasted until 1797, when the French revolutionaries merged it into the Cisalpine Republic which was rapidly promoted to the Regno d'Italia with Eugène de Beauharnais. 100 anonimo e discreto! Cerca fra 37390 utenti iscritti, veri profili garantiti! Salicibus 16th- or 17th-century heraldry, (photo 2009). Sono una donna, email è usato per accedere al sito e non verrà mai mostrato. UE 679/2016 da parte del Club Alpino Italiano, a cui anche la nostra Sezione si è adeguata in quanto Responsabile del trattamento dei dati.

Campodolcino 9,9km, novate Mezzola 11,8km, madesimo 12,6km, verceia 14,3km, montemezzo (CO) 16,0km, sorico (CO) 16,6km, dubino 16,8km. Cile, colombia, costa Rica, ecuador, germania, guatemala. Il o avuto luogo le elezioni regionali 2018. Citation needed During the favourable time of the Kingdom of LombardyVenetia, primary schools were created in every place, and the instruction was made obligatory for maids. Lorenzo Salis impailing Salis, (a.k.a. The name of Chiavenna, believed to derive by paretymology from clavis (English: key) referring to its pivotal position on the mountain passes between Northern Italy and the Posterior Rhine valley, comes in reality from a much older, pre-Latin (probably ligurian and certainly non-Celtic) etymon klava. Roberto Formigoni è stato riconfermato presidente della Regione Lombardia. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 7,263 and an area.1 kilometres (6.9 mi).

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