app incontri aperitivi

cos puoi andare a fare l'aperitivo e poi andare all'evento o viceversa! Metti mi piace ai locali, condividi le informazioni con i tuo amici e salva i locali preferiti per ritrovarli facilmente. Come back to see us to see the new premises, new offers, new events. Follow us on: Facebook: twitter: m/APPeritivi instagram: m/apperitivi web: /. Related Words pleasant, satisfactory, acceptable, enjoyable, attractive, tempting, appetizing, fragrant, spicy, wholesome, sweet, delectable, pungent, aromatic, luscious, tasty, tangy, mellow, piquant, yummy Examples from the Web for aperitive Historical Examples The aperitive virtue of a key, the attractive virtue of a crook. Find events near the premises, so you can go for a drink and then go to the event or vice versa! Apperitivi, lapp che ti trova laperitivo, i locali e gli eventi intorno a te!

App incontri aperitivi
app incontri aperitivi

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Uh-per-i-tivMedicine/Medical, see more synonyms for aperitive on m adjective aperient. Apperitives, the app that finds you the aperitif, the clubs and events around you! Download the app now and good APPeritivo! Having a stimulating effect on the appetite. Scarica subito lapp e buon APPeritivo! Apperitivi is a simple and smart app, it is not necessary to log in and register to use the functions, while if you want to access the offers of the local partners dedicated to you registered! Show More, origin of aperitive 157585; Medieval Latin aperitvus, variant of Late Latin apertvus, equivalent to Latin apert- (see aperture ) -vus -ive m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Put me like the locals, share the information with your friends and save the favorite places to find them easily. Look for offers on aperitifs and aperitifs that the locals have reserved for you, view events organized by local partners and find where to go! The icon of the room on the map turns green if there is an offer or an event and the symbol becomes a heart if you have inserted the room as a favorite.

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